Pavement Evaluation/Maintenance Programs

The condition of asphalt paved roads, drives, parking lots and/or alleys that serve a residential development, retail business, corporate office campus, etc. establishes one of the first impressions that people have when driving into a development. The pavement quality will not only impact the smoothness of the ride for residents, employees and visitors, but also aids in proper pavement drainage as well.

Asphalt replacement can be very expensive thus a pro-active maintenance program will protect the pavement as well as extend its life and reduce the total maintenance dollars required over the life of the pavement.

Pavement EvaluationsBorne Consulting brings a practical approach to the evaluation of asphalt pavement by translating our findings into an easily understood annual maintenance program that lays out the preventative action items to be done to protect the pavement. Although a five to ten year plan can be prepared, pavement and especially the underlying soils can fluctuate from year to year due to excess moisture, heavy vehicle loading and poor soils.

Therefore an annual inspection of the pavement is recommended to respond to any significant pavement changes that could occur.

As a firm, we can not only conduct a pavement evaluation, but also implement a repair plan by preparing construction and bid documents while serving as the owner's representative during construction.