Construction Administration
- Owner Representative

Many companies and/or individuals lack the time or construction expertise to administer their construction projects. Borne Consulting's experienced engineers treat each project like it is their own personal project. We represent owners and clients by understanding their goals and objectives while being aware of their “hot buttons” as well.

Achieving a successful construction project is not only based on completing the project on time and within budget, but also by anticipating potential obstacles and varying field conditions that require the client to make decisions in a timely manner. We all appreciate the opportunity to be able to make decisions in a thoughtful manner versus having to live with a change because there was no time to make the proper decision.

As an advocate for the owner, we challenge and closely evaluate changes during construction to determine if they are warranted and cost effective. We also believe that a key function of a successful project is to hold all parties accountable for the commitments that need to made throughout the project.

As a part of accountability, we understand the importance of resolving issues by obtaining decisions in a timely manner. Our ultimate goal is to provide the owner/client with confidence that their project and their money is in good hands in achieving a successful project.